FAQ #1 Matching Deck House Paint Stains

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Can I match the exact stain used originally on my Deck House?

According to our Olympic Paint representative it is very difficult to do so. He suggests the following:

The stain composition has changed over the years and combine that with natural weathering and the age of the home, there isn’t any way to guarantee an exact match. In addition many of the Acorn Deck House homes were painted with a unique formulation /blending stain chosen by the original owner and something that many retail stores can’t duplicate due to the intermixing done.


The Olympic colors, # 708 and #730 are still able to be tinted but are no longer package colors. The stains are a “hybrid formula” called Maximum acrylic/oil. Also it is applied a bit differently and will not look the same as the older oil base stains from the 80’s. The best suggestion is for you is to rematch the newer formulation, Maximum, to the older linseed oil base stain formulas you created, using your mixing ratios as a starting point. The tint base for the Maximum is product code 79550 and can be used with a clear blending agent to “soften” the color.  You should have a standard to compare to, allowing this newer product to be closely matched.


Regional Issues

If you are on the East Coast, which has been impacted by the VOC regulations, the alkyd/linseed oil based stains cannot be sold or purchased in MA. or MD.

As far as overseas, we don’t know how the VOC regulations have impacted the lineup of stains. You might be able to duplicate (or get very close) your original mixtures as long as the stains are oil based.


Original Mixing Ratios

Beams and exterior mahogany

Around 1983 1 part Olympic semi-transparent stain #708 mixed with 4 parts Olympic clear blending formula

Around 1989 1 part Olympic semi-transparent stain #708 Olympic clear blending formula


Douglas Fir beams

Around 1983  Olympic 708

Around 1989  4 parts Olympic 730 mixed with one part Olympic clear blending formula

Around 1989 Mahogany trim

1 Part Olympic 730 and 4 parts Olympic clear blending formula


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