Salt and Pepper Sliders – Extra Large Mahogany Sliding Glass Doors

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It sounds like an appetizer, but this is the nickname given to a new Acorn Deck House creation shipped last week.


Maryann Thompson Architects designed, in collaboration with the Acorn Deck House Company, large sliding glass doors to be made of Mahogany on the outside and Maple on the inside. The two woods offer two different looks from the same window, the dark Mahogany on the outside and the light Maple from the interior. Maryann also challenged the normal standards by requesting these sliders be built on a huge scale, measuring 9’ x 14’. Beautiful and unique are only two of the many adjectives that describe these sliders for her client.



Nine Feet x Fourteen Feet Mahogany Sliding Door


Acorn Deck House has begun making windows and doors using two different types of wood. One of the woods is often our tried and true Mahogany, technically called Sapele. At the Boston Architecture Show in November, Acorn Deck House showed off its new sliding window made of Mahogany on the inside and Accoya wood on the outside. The Mahogany on the inside provides the rich natural beauty of the wood while the Accoya on the outside is chosen for its durability, flexibility of use, and natural origins.



Arthur Adds Finishing Touches


Acorn Deck House Company is committed to quality building, whether it is an entire home or a window replacement. However, building the Salt and Pepper sliding glass doors was more than just a quality construction project. It was fun for everyone involved, from the panelizers to the finish carpenters to the people that shipped the over-sized doors. We look forward to more unique projects from our Architect partners and customers.


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