2022 Modern Home Designs

This large open meadow building site at high elevation challenged our architects to consider immediate views, distant views, trees, foliage, winter winds, summer winds, and even a future neighbor when designing this one level custom modern home.  The result is two opposing building site locations for this homeowner and the implications of siting the house differently at each location. 


  • Preliminary Site Locations
  • Possible Views
  • Implications and Considerations



Site Locations: Option 1

Acorn-Deck-House-Site-Design-01-1 Architect Comments:
  • Split layout into two separate parallel bars with entry connector in between
    • Bedroom/garage bar (quiet spaces) and a public bar (kitchen/living with den off the front)
    • Spreading the program out allows us to get more light into more rooms (room to breathe)
  • Formwork
    • Separated the house into two main volumes, went with vernacular gabled roof strategy
  • Downhill Siting
    • Garage blocks future neighbors
    • Kitchen gets east light
    • Living gets east and west light as well as views to meadow, trees and mountain
  • Uphill Siting
    • Garage on north end doesn’t steal natural light or views from main house
    • Beds get views of tree row
    • Kitchen and Living get all the views and light throughout the day

Site Locations: Option 2


Architect Comments:
  • House is still separated in two bars, but now they run perpendicular to one another
  • Den is now with bedroom bar
    • Circulation path throughout house gives views (as you walk through the house you know your place on the land and can get many different vantage points as you go along)
  • Formwork
    • Kept with two gabled forms (living bar is steeper than bedroom bar)
  • Downhill Siting
    • Garage/bedroom bar blocks kitchen and living spaces from street
    • Bedrooms get morning light
    • Kitchen and Living get afternoon light and views
  • Uphill Siting
    • Beds are tucked into northern woods
    • Kitchen/Living bar gets all the views and light throughout the day


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