7 Benefits of Prefab Homes

Prefab homes, or those fully or partially built inside a factory before arriving at their building sites, sometimes come with a stigma of being low-quality or cookie-cutter. However, with our panelized prefabrication system, this could not be further from the truth. With our unique process, we are able to build unique, high-quality, architect-designed homes that are custom designed to each client's individual needs - but with the added benefits of prefabrication. Read on to learn seven ways that our homes out-perform alternative building methods.

1. Flexibility & Customization

Unlike other prefab options such as modular or manufactured homes, our panelized prefabrication process allows full customization without limits. Each of our clients work with our team of experienced Project Directors and talented architects to custom design their dream home from the ground up - no cookie-cutter designs here! Once the desired design has been achieved, we panelize the components in a "kit of parts" (rather than modules), and ship the house package to its building site without limitations.


2. Precision Joinery

Because our homes are fabricated in our 85,000 square foot climate-controlled environment, our homes are built with tighter tolerances, enhanced fit, higher structural integrity than a home built fully on site. Plus, these benefits do not stop when construction ends - our method results in higher energy efficiency that can be felt throughout the life of the home.


3. Sustainability

We pre-cut and pre-assemble each home's components in our factory, which allows us to creatively repurpose nearly 100% of all excess material in-house, thus minimizing on-site building waste. We incorporate passive solar benefits into all of our designs for enhanced energy efficiency in every season and also have experience integrating solar panels, geothermal systems, green material and more. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.


4. Time & Weather Efficiency

Our prefabrication method allows components to be built inside our climate-controlled factory during all seasons and weather conditions, minimizing onsite weather delays and also eliminating tedious and time-consuming on-site measuring and cutting. This proven method allows for the most efficient and predictable building timeline.


5. Cutting-Edge Technology

We invest in the latest manufacturing equipment, including CNC machines, moulders and more, which enable us to fabricate components more swiftly and accurately than what can be done by hand on site.


6. Scheduled Delivery

Our house packages are shipped “just-in-time” according to each builder's schedule, in a number of loads based on the project size and site location. This avoids excess material being stored on site, subject to weather exposure. And with our own fleet of delivery vehicles as well as trusted transport partners, we can deliver essentially anywhere from cities to remote locations.


7. Predictable Cost

Our controlled approach to building allows for more financial predictability throughout the project than can be found with other building methods. Our process enables us to estimate cost from a very early stage by planning ahead to efficiently maximize the design to fit within the overall budget and limit any surprises later in the project. This early estimation also allows us to provide alternative design options for “cost corrections,” if needed, to assure the project stays within said budget.


Take the Next Step

Our goal is to allow you to take advantage of all the best benefits of prefab design, while not limiting your dream home design. Download our Process Overview PDF to see each phase of our streamlined building process. Once you're ready, schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced professionals to take the next step and bring your dream home to life.