Today’s custom home buyers are armed with the tools of the new information age, but too much information can leave one feeling overwhelmed and confused. When it comes to home building, there can be a big learning curve. For example, what is a “building envelope”? (Hint: We define it below.)

In such a crowded marketplace, buyers can benefit by honing in on the essential advantages they want when choosing a custom home company.

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For 70 years, Acorn Deck House Company has been perfecting a sophisticated prefabrication system, building custom homes in our technologically modern, climate-controlled manufacturing facility. Our architectural designers and craftspeople have built more than twenty thousand beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes of exceeding quality, featuring open floor plans, walls of glass and soaring ceilings.

“We love the surround of the signature beams, decking, hardware, and light, and the way the space flows from room to room,” say Dr. and Mrs. Jack K. Cooper. “What more could we say than that we are second time Deck House owners!”



While spontaneity can add spice to many experiences, the home building process is not one of those. A hallmark of the Acorn Deck House reputation is predictability. 

Owners can rely on:

  • growing a relationship with a dedicated Project Director who guides them through the building experience, from conception to completion,
  • the cost-controlling power of the extensive Acorn Deck House estimating system,
  • a detailed timeline,
  • our proprietary climate-controlled manufacturing process, and
  • owner services and after care for the life of the home.

“You can’t find a house like ours anywhere,” says Acorn Deck House CEO Tom Trudeau. “We have a history of being innovative, and we are successful because of our predictability.”



The materials that compose an Acorn Deck House home are engineered according to design, and meticulously cut and detailed for an accurate, weather-tight fit.

Controlled fabrication means that a tighter building envelope— walls, floors, roofs, and fenestrations—is produced with less waste. This panelization process produces 76% less waste than traditional stick-built homes, according to a study by the Building Systems Councils (BSC) and the Wood Truss Council of America (now the Structural Building Components Association)

“It never occurred to me that we could build a high-end home using a pre-engineered system and that it would be better in virtually every way. We got exactly the home we wanted.” Frank Scherkenbach



Acorn Deck House Company brand homes have been designed with the environment in mind since 1947, when we were pioneers in designing and constructing sustainable systems. 

Our homes are inherently energy-efficient to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling. Your home is designed for economical use of space and oriented to take full advantage of the sun’s paths to maximize its natural heating and lighting benefits

Is your goal to construct a truly “green” building? We can work with you to achieve an Energy Star rating by collaborating with suppliers of alternate energy sources as well as specifying environmentally safe, sustainable products.


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