Preparing for the Future

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement – and that sentiment applies while looking to build your custom home. Whether you are near retirement age or thinking about your first home, you can stay a step ahead by constructing a custom home that will meet your future needs. This approach allows you to have the accommodations you need if you experience any lifestyle changes. You will not only save money by avoiding many future renovations, but also enjoy the convenience of having universal accommodations at your fingertips.


Focus on Access

With universal design principles at their disposal, custom home builders focus on access and mobility in the design of the floorplan. The designs include widened hallways and doorways, absence of door thresholds, main entry ramps and accessible storage elements woven into the spacious design. These smart design elements also eliminate tripping hazards that can affect the safety of people of all ages. The elements are barely noticeable to the naked eye, though they have the power to dramatically improve the way you and your guests interact with your custom home.


Embrace Universal Design Principles

Thanks to universal design principles, your custom home builders can also weave smart accommodations across your spacious floorplan. These built-in accommodations are purposefully-designed to serve you and your family through every life stage. Extra wide hallways and smooth entryways, for example, allow everyone from moms with babies in strollers, to granddads in wheelchairs to pass through unhindered.

Other smart design elements you could have built into your custom home include:

  • Removable ramps and grab bars
  • Single floor living
  • Roll-in bath and shower with chair for support
  • Wider door clearances
  • Remote control features
  • Motion sensing lights
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Even lighting
  • Lever handles for doors
  • Ring pulls for cabinets
  • Elevator

With this approach, you will find that your custom home naturally accommodates your needs, even as those requirements change through the years.


Learn About Your Custom Home Options for Your Retirement Years

To learn more about custom home designs that will benefit you now, and well into your retirement years, contact the Acorn Deck House team to schedule a consultation. We also invite you to download our Custom Home Building Guide to begin your journey toward the completion of your dream home.