Designing and building your new home is an exciting time.

With excitement comes important decisions that will last years. It’s important to clearly understand your priorities and consider the balance between wants and needs; and which fit into your budget, site or zoning requirements. 

This is an invaluable discussion to have with your Project Director and Architect too. Your thoughtful choices help influence the many design elements that will provide exactly what you desire in your dream home.


The importance of creating a wishlist 

Creating a wishlist will begin to prioritize your desires and help guide your final decisions. By laying your desires in a list, you can more easily discuss the options with your designer.

Your goals from this list are to:

  • Think about what you really need vs. desire.
  • Prioritize and compare the benefits of each.
  • Decide on what is absolutely necessary and within your budget.
  • Consider effect on lifestyle, family, entertaining, etc.


Start planning your dream home

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