Well, that time has come. Your children have stepped out to live on their own, leaving you with empty rooms and some unfamiliar silence. While this can trigger a touch of nostalgia, it also presents you with a chance to embrace the future, including the future of your home.

Embrace This Exciting Time

Your new living situation provides the perfect opportunity to plan the home of your dreams. By streamlining, simplifying and incorporating features you’ve always wanted, you can create the environment that will best suit your new lifestyle.

Consider Downsizing

When your lifestyle changes, your home needs to change as well. Think about it: a larger home requires more maintenance and results in higher bills. Downsizing to the house that fits your needs makes it easier to manage your home and embrace your new life as an empty nester.

Downsizing frees up your time to focus on the things that matter the most to you, rather than spending that time managing a larger home. Whether you want to use your newfound free time to garden, travel, or visit friends, a smaller home will make it easier to embrace a life filled with your priorities.

Smaller homes also tend to be more environmentally friendly. It will not require as much power to heat or cool a smaller space, making it comfortable yet also better for the earth. If you decide to design and build a custom home for yourself, the level of environmentally friendly elements that you can incorporate is limitless. Your Architect and building team can help you make the perfect choices to suit your new lifestyle.

Create Your Sanctuary

To get started on your plan, make a list of what you want to see in your new home: what would make the space special and enjoyable for you. Research modern features that might benefit your lifestyle. For example, those who want to retire to warm, sunny areas might find that solar panels can provide them with an economic advantage.

Speak with your design team to hear other recommendations on ways to enhance your space such as: an open floor plan to make your small home feel large; low maintenance options for windows, siding and more; and universal design elements to prepare you for the future.

Get Started

Try using our Wishlist Worksheet to prioritize your needs; then, schedule a consultation to talk to someone about your perfect, downsized home.