Executing your unique vision through careful management; not leaving much to chance: that is how you achieve success. When designing and building a custom home, you expect to shape the process from concept to completion.

But, unless you have building experience, or are obsessed with HGTV, taking the leap to finally build your dream home can be an overwhelming decision. Entering the crowded custom home marketplace can be daunting. Home buyers are typically responsible for navigating many moving parts:

  • Define your ideas, needs and expectations
  • Research, review and compare companies
  • Question architects and builders and track down references
  • Schedule land and building inspections and secure permits
  • Choose from limited floorplans, doors, windows and accents

A savvy real estate agent who can calculate your preferred square footage and find any number of well-appointed, pre-owned luxury homes might sound pretty good right now. Unfortunately, however convenient in comparison, buying an existing home will always lack your distinct creativity. On the flipside, many custom home building experiences can leave customers too fraught and exhausted to effectively communicate what they really want. So where does this leave you?


Find a Trusted Partner

To help make the custom home building process more manageable, Acorn Deck House Company personally tailors your experience by listening to your needs in order to build a trusted, lasting relationship with you.

Customers are introduced to an Acorn Deck House Company Project Director (PD) who is at their disposal throughout the entire process, like a loyal custom home concierge. Your PD and our design team are focused on your ideas and concept, creating a custom home specific to you. Your home is then assembled using our unique fabrication system and post and beam construction—all adding up to a trusted formula supported by 70 years of experience.

Describe and explore your custom home vision, and your Acorn Deck House PD will:

  • identify how a custom design can optimize the natural features of your land,
  • guide our in-house design team through the architectural process of bringing your concept to life from custom design development to complete working drawings and 3D renderings, including the prefabricated components needed for the weathertight shell of your home,
  • explain the principles of post and beam construction, making interior wall placement options practically limitless,
  • help address regulations, review boards, historical district requirements, and climatic conditions,
  • help you manage your budget with an extensive, predictable estimating system, and
  • liaise with an Acorn Deck House-trained builder, or provide an orientation program for the builder of your choice.


Comfort Before Construction

Why stress through the home building process? Acorn Deck House Company is built on the idea of incorporating comfort before construction, allaying fears and inviting our customers to infuse their true selves into their dream homes.

With the quality craftsmanship of a meticulous fabrication process, weather is another worry we minimize from the process. The components for an Acorn Deck House are fabricated in the optimal conditions of our climate-controlled indoor environment. Component packages are shipped “just-in-time” in accordance with your builder’s schedule, in a number of deliveries based on the project size, to avoid future components being stored on site and subject to weather exposure.


Protecting Your Investment 

After committing to such a significant investment, homeowners are looking forward to the day they can relax and call their new house “home.” We move up the relaxation timeline with a comprehensive Owner Services approach. Along with a gracious new residence, homeowners have Acorn Deck House Company as a partner in a lifetime of service through our dedicated Parts & Service Department.


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