Weighing the Costs of Your Perfect Home

Your perfect home awaits – But is it going to be a cookie-cutter house in your favorite neighborhood or a custom-built home on a sought-after plot of land? As you decide, remember that calculating the overall costs of these options goes further than a simple comparison of the purchase price. Although custom home builds seem to come at a premium, the constant expenses associated with previously-owned dwellings can add up considerably. Building your one-of-a-kind dream home could prove more practical, not to mention much more exciting, than simply buying a dwelling listed in your real estate market. Read on to learn more.


Initial Expenses

With a custom home build, you will enjoy a living space personalized to your exact needs and wants. You have to pay a bit more initially for this luxury, but you will likely save in the long run. Luckily, if you have a strict budget in mind for the initial costs of homeownership, a custom home builder can help you prioritize your favorite elements and eliminate spending on areas you may not need.


Maintenance and Repair

When you purchase an existing dwelling from the previous owner, you may need to have a repair budget available in case you need to rectify poorly maintained heating and air-conditioning systems, plumbing lines, appliances and landscaping. In the long run, the wear and tear on these, and other, areas of the house can potentially cost you much more than you would have paid for a custom home build.


Custom built homes have all new materials and appliances, which considerably limits the need to pay for maintenance and repair costs, especially in the first few years. The new home build also offers supreme energy efficiency through its new windows and other high-tech upgrades for lower utility bill costs each month.


Buyer’s Remorse

Although buyer’s remorse is not a direct expense, it can result in spending on renovations and other changes to your home. Buyer’s remorse tends to set in fast as homebuyers discover things that they do not like about their home. When you build your home from the ground up, however, you know every room and element matches your lifestyle and expectations.


Custom built homes reflect your personality and give you everything you want from your residence – So you never have to compromise on the features you want most in a home. Or pay sky high renovation costs to align your home’s layout and features with your expectations.


Learn More About Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams

Our team at Acorn Deck House invites you to download our Custom Home Building Guide or schedule a consultation with one of our Project Directors. When you partner with our team to build the home of your dreams, you will receive the best quality of service through every phase of the custom home building process.