For many homebuyers, the idea of building a prefabricated home brings several misconceptions to mind - that they have cookie cutter designs, are poor quality or won’t last. The truth is that using a modern prefabricated builder can offer a large number of advantages and deliver a truly innovative custom home. With prefabricated components, custom homes can exceed expectations for fit and finish, build flexibility and eco-friendly results. Furthermore, the prefab home design and build process dramatically improves the experience for homebuyers and offers supreme value well into the future. Here are the top five reasons to choose a prefab home.


  1. Precise Fit and Finish

Quality control is a top priority when creating prefabricated custom home components from the blueprint. All prefab components come from the factory with extremely tight tolerances that are unheard of across the rest of the construction industry. The tight tolerances allow for a supreme fit and finish that helps keep the home in great condition well into the future.


  1. Eco-Friendly Design

Tight tolerances also go a long way in maximizing the energy efficiency of the custom home design. Drafts and other forms of energy loss are a thing of the past once you elect to build and live in a pre-fab home. Furthermore, the prefabrication process virtually eliminates material waste and utilizes recycled materials to further decrease the construction industry’s drain on natural resources.


  1. Flexible Shipment Arrangements

With the shell created offsite, delivery options allow for builds on difficult or remote plots of land. The panelized system arrives in relatively small component packages that can be stored for metered delivery as needed for the build.


  1. Competitive Pricing

Custom prefabricated homes are competitively priced right alongside traditionally-built stick homes. Some prefab builders offer even further savings by working with window, door and lumber distributors directly and passing those savings along to you.


  1. Excellent Build Times and Predictability

With all components prefabricated at the factory, onsite build times are dramatically reduced over traditional builds. The construction crew can erect the panels in a short time to create a weathertight shell that protects the integrity of the home. All prefabricated pieces fit together smoothly, allowing the work crew to secure everything in place faster than you may have ever expected.


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