At Acorn Deck House Company, we know just how overwhelming it can be to head into the custom house building process on your own. To ensure you never feel alone in the process, our skilled and experienced team of house building professionals offer their complete support through every stage of the build. In addition, our teams collaborate with your locally-licensed experts in the engineering and construction fields to create your amazing home that will exceed your expectations. Better understanding who does what in the house building process can help you head into this exciting journey without feeling overwhelmed.

Project Planning and Oversight

When you come to us for a new home build, a Project Director will partner with you and approach the process as a team. During the planning phase, your Project Director will strive to learn all about your lifestyle needs, budget range and your wish list. Throughout the rest of the build, Acorn Deck House will provide support and oversight to your local builder in order to expertly manage the process and ensure the finished house is everything you dreamed it would be.


Custom House Design

The design team utilizes the specifications identified by your Project Director to create the plans for your dream home. During the architectural process, the team will utilize post and beam construction principles while addressing regional issues, including zoning regulations and historic district requirements.

Our designers will create a custom home design and our pricing team will produce an accompanying cost estimate for your personal review. Throughout the entire process, from initial sketches to construction drawings, we welcome your feedback and will modify the design to meet your specifications.


Precise Engineering

A locally-licensed engineer collaborates with our team to ensure your home’s design meets any building codes. We utilize a pre-engineering process to eliminate excess construction waste and reduce the amount of time it takes to frame your new home. The precise engineering practices ensure that the construction of your new home goes smoothly and without any foreseeable deviations from your budget range.


Component Fabrication and Shipment

Once all plans are finalized, the architectural plans are broken down into their components and sent out to the ADH factory for the creation of the construction materials. Working in optimum conditions and using precise building techniques, our factory team creates all the necessary materials, including:

  • Beams
  • Posts
  • Wall Panels
  • Stairs
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Trim
  • And More

With these fabricated components, your builder can quickly erect a weather tight structure on your building site.


Onsite Build and Finish

While your home’s components are being fabricated, your builder will complete the site work and foundation. Once the foundation is laid, your components are shipped and your builder will expertly erect the home onsite to the specifications in the architectural plans. Once all of the main construction materials are placed, your builder will source and install the finish components, including finished flooring, lighting and kitchen cabinets.

With these experts on your side, you can easily approach the process of building your new home with confidence.                                            


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