Great Meadows 3D Walk-Through

The Deck House is a stunning and historic style of architecture, which is available exclusively through Acorn Deck House Company. Its signature vaulted ceilings, great walls of glass that naturally welcome the outdoors in, and walk-out basements that take advantage of the site’s unique topography make these contemporary homes a place of relaxed elegance.


Location: Bedford, MA

Finished Square Footage: 3,940

Number of Bedrooms: 4

Number of Bathrooms: 3

In Design: 3D Walk-Through




Deck House Custom Designs

At Acorn Deck House, each home is custom designed through collaboration with our clients.  The custom components, detailed in this building system, are shipped as prefabricated components for precise and rapid on-site building. 

Download The Acorn Deck House Building System pdf

Learn More About The Process

A completely custom home designed to your specifications, fabricated off-site, keeps the building noise to a minimum without compromising on design details, scale, and layout.  Our goal is to allow you to take advantage of all the best benefits of prefabrication, while not limiting your dream home design.


Download our Process Overview PDF to see each phase of our streamlined building process.

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