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Design + Decor 2023 Annual Sourcebook-2


Design + Decor 2023 Annual Sourcebook-31-2


Discussing the Sophistication of Designing Smaller Homes

Story by Hunter Powell

Michael Hawkes, Lead Architect at Acorn Deck House Company, as interviewed for this issue:

"Integrating unique features in a smaller home can­not be an afterthought. With smaller homes, we have had clients re­quest that we make space for an heirloom piece of furniture, for ex­ample. So, space planning needs to be more intentional earlier on in the design process to make sure the layout is ideal. The other ways to address smaller homes is to "double-up" space uses with "flex rooms". For example, having an office act as a guest room, or a home gym be planned in a way that it can be used as a future nursery..."

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