How This Mid-Century Modern House Harnesses the Sun

This video visits the Schweikher House, built during the 1930s, to explore its passive solar techniques. The video was created by Stewart Hicks, an architectural design educator that leads studios and lecture courses as an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

The architects at Acorn Deck House Company have been incorporating this type of passive solar design as part of our sustainable building practices since 1974. 


We orient your home to take full advantage of the sun’s path and thereby maximizing its natural heating and lighting benefits, engineering the components to create a tight, energy efficient shell and using a highly controlled manufacturing process that minimizes waste.

Acorn Deck House Company’s sustainable building practices include:

  • Siting your home for maximum energy efficiency
  • Designing for economical use of space, natural lighting and passive solar benefits, including window glazing and overhangs
  • Employing efficient framing techniques
  • Incorporating sustainable materials
  • Installing Energy Star windows and doors
  • Minimizing waste and recycling scrap during the manufacturing process and on site during construction

Sustainability is one of the 7 Benefits of Prefab Homes.

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