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Acorn Deck House Blog

Top 5 Reasons to Build a Prefab Home

For many homebuyers, the idea of building a prefabricated home brings several misconceptions to mind - that they have cookie cutter designs, are poor quality or won’t last. The truth is that using.]

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Building a Custom Eco-Friendly Home: The Prefab Advantage

Are you ready to build the house of your dreams, but also want to reduce your carbon footprint? Prefabricated homes can offer an ideal solution for anyone looking to build a truly unique.]

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Houses for People Over 50

Building a Custom Home that Will Meet Your Future Needs

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement – and that sentiment applies while looking to build your custom home. Whether you.]

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To Build or To Buy

Weighing the Costs of Your Perfect Home

Your perfect home awaits – But is it going to be a cookie-cutter house in your favorite neighborhood or a custom-built home on a sought-after plot of land?.]

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Creating Your Custom Home Build Wishlist

Designing and building your new home is an exciting time.

With excitement comes important decisions that will last years. It’s important to clearly understand your priorities and consider the.]

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Prefabricated Homes Vs. Traditional Homes: The Quality Test

Prefabricated houses hit the market in the early 1900s as an alternative to stick built homes. The original prefab kits were sold in mail order catalogues and all shared the same basic floorplans.]

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Efficient design and layouts for smaller houses

Small houses can feel much larger when equipped with a thoughtful design and layout. Opening up the limited space and adding flexible elements that allow for comfortable group gatherings and.]

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Choosing the right lot to build an energy efficient home

Finding the right site allows a design to take advantage of sunlight angles, slopes, setbacks, and vegetation to create a more naturally energy-efficient home. When you select a property with all.]

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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Designing a Custom Home

An excellent custom home design starts with asking important questions that zero in on your needs and wants as a homeowner. From there, your custom home building team can work with you to acquire.]

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Who Does What? Understanding the House Building Process

At Acorn Deck House Company, we know just how overwhelming it can be to head into the custom house building process on your own. To ensure you never feel alone in the process, our skilled and.]

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